Important Announcement: In-Person Meetings after Lockdown








The policies adopted by CMC on combating COVID-19 follow the regulations and recommendations of the NSW government.

The government announced that the State will start to reopen once we reach the 70% people double vaccination target. For churches and places of worship, we can meet in person, subject to 1 person per 4sqm rule, with no singing. In transitioning from the lockdown, the NSW government has not made any clear rules for religious bodies and communities if everyone is not fully vaccinated. Under this uncertainty, the LCEC at CMC has decided the following arrangements after careful consideration:

  1. CMC welcomes everybody in the congregations to participate Sunday services and gatherings in-person at the conclusion of the lockdown. This welcome is extended to anyone regardless you are fully vaccinated.  Our intention has always been including all brothers and sisters in Christ. In His love we will accept and minister to each other in this spiritual journey;
  2. CMC endorses the State government’s recommendation of receiving the COVID vaccine. Unless you have sound medical reasons or special considerations, we encourage our congregations to get vaccinated as recommend by the government whose authority has been established by Christ. We believe the vaccine serves good both to ourselves and other people;
  3. When you come in to church for gathering, it is mandatory that you put on a face mask, observe social distancing and no singing;
  4. It is also mandatory for everyone to register your entrance by scanning the QR code. This will help the authority to track and communicate with people when necessary.

We will review the arrangement as the government provides more guidance.

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