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CMCA VISION:  2024-2027 Quadrennial Theme: Revitalise the Church, Advance the Gospel
CMCA 异象:2024-2027 四年制的教会主题:教会更新 福音广传
2024 Theme: Be Steadfast in Prayer, Spread the Gospel
2024 主题:警醒祷告,兴旺福音

2025 Theme: Be Equipped to Serve, Use Spiritual Gifts
2026 Theme: Persevere with the Mission, Be a Blessing to the Community
2027 Theme: Obey God’s Command, Go Into the World 

2025 主题:接受装备,活用恩赐
2026 主题:传承使命,造福社会
2027 主题:听主差遣,深入世界

Bishop’s Episcopal Address / 会督演辞

Our Doctrinal Statement & General Rules / 卫理公会要道及规例

卫理之声 Methodist News

救恩堂视频 Carlton Methodist Church’s videos


2023 Theme:  Be Disciples of Jesus, Proclaim the Gospel.
2023 主题:作主門徒、傳揚福音。

Bishop’s Episcopal Address / 会督演辞

CMCA Vision:  Building A Church After God’s Own Heart (2019-2022)
CMCA 异象:建立合神心意的教会

2022 Theme: Equipping The Church for Cross-Cultural Missions
2022 主题:装备教会,参与宣教

Bishop’s Episcopal Address / 会督演辞

2021 Theme: Caring the Communities, Reaching the Lost

2020 Theme:Building Healthy Families To Serve The Lord
2020 主题:  建立家庭,忠心事主。
Bishop’s Episcopal Address  / 会督演辞

2019 Theme :Abiding In The Lord To Bear Much Fruit
2019 主题 :常在主里多结果子

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