CMC history 1991-2000


04/10 本着对悉尼的宣教负担,墨尔本谢恩堂夏长华牧师委托黄祥寿弟兄与戴承强弟兄在悉尼寻找适合聚会的地点及协助召集等事工。
Filled with a burden of mission for Sydney, Pastor James Ha from Camberwell Methodist Church in Melbourne assigned brother Siong Siew Wong and Sing Kiong Tai to find a suitable venue and bring people together.
24/11 悉尼布道站及委员会正式成立。从11月24日开始租用St. Martin’s Anglican Church, Kensington教会的副堂进行聚会,由夏长华牧师负责牧养, 并邀邓炳昕牧师为顾问牧师。
The Sydney Preaching Centre and a committee were formally established, with the first service held at a rented hall in St. Martin’s Anglican Church, Kensington. Pastor James Ha was Minister-in-Charge with Rev Luke Teng as an advisory pastor.


12/01 本堂成立中文青年团契,并举行第一次聚会。
The Chinese Youth Fellowship was formed and had their first fellowship.
08/3 本堂理事会成立。
A Church Working Committee was formed.
18/04 砂劳越华人年议会应允拨款澳币五千元充作本堂经费。
The Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference donated AUD5,000 to fund the church.
29/11 本堂进行一周年感恩崇拜。
First Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service.
06/12 正式邀请邓炳昕牧师为本堂义务牧者,直至1993年10月10日。
Rev Luke Teng was formally invited to serve as the voluntary pastor until 10 October 1993.


12/07 本堂由布道所升为堂会,并选立第一届执事会。
Now officially a church, a Local Church Executive Committee (LCEC) was then formed.
05/09 在第一届执事会第二次会议中,本堂命名为“救恩堂”。
The church was named “Jiu En Tang” at the second LCEC meeting.
03/10 首次举办了建堂义卖会。
A first fund-raising event was held for a church building.
10/10 夏长华牧师再度牧养本堂,直至1994年12月31日止。此期间亦安排陈家兴牧师,周政强、林文光、汤丽妃等传道,刘泽长、刘利宇、俞翠婵等神学生协助。
Pastor James Ha came to pastor the church until 31 December 1994. During this period, Rev Kah Hing Ting, Pastor Albert Chew, Pastor Gloria Ling, Pastor Leh Hee Tong and theological students Ze Chang Lau, Timothy Lau and Theresa Yu assisted with pulpit ministry.
31/10 由周政强传道协助成立成人团契,每月聚会一次。
Pastor Albert Chew assisted to set up an Adult Fellowship that met once a month.


02/01 全澳卫理公会宣教议会安排刘利宇神学生协助本堂牧养事工。
The Australia Mission Conference appointed a theological student Timothy Lau to assist in pastoring the church.
03/03 砂劳越华人年议会答应将派牧者前来本堂做短期牧会工作。
The Annual Conference in Sarawak, Malaysia agreed to send pastors to Sydney on short term pastoring.
13/03 砂劳越诗巫教区长陈泽崇牧师前来本堂证道并主持圣餐及入会与转会。
The Superintendent of Sibu, Sarawak Methodist Church Rev Daik Chuong Ting came to preach and conduct Holy Communion, new membership and member transfer ceremony.
7-9/07 本堂青团于蓝山举行生活营,主题讲员为朱星亮医生。
The Youth Fellowship held a 3-day Youth Camp in The Blue Mountains. The theme speaker was Dr Sing Liang Chu.
23/11 成立建堂委员会。
A Church Building Committee was formed.


01/01 刘利宇传道任本堂传道。3月,成立成人主日学,于主日崇拜后上课。
Pastor Timothy Lau was appointed to serve in Sydney Church. March Started an Adult Sunday School Class after the Sunday Service.
19/03 成立英语少年团契,每主日下午聚会。
The English Youth Fellowship was formed to meet every Sunday afternoon.
02/04 建堂委员会第一次会议,决定立即展开筹划购堂事工。
The Church Building Committee held their first meeting and proposed to purchase a church building.
14-16/04 于Morpeth Conference Centre举办第一届家庭营,主题为“新生命”, 讲员为李健安牧师。
The 1st Family Camp was held at Morpeth Conference Centre. The theme talk was “New Life” by Rev Dr Jian An Lee.
30/04 刘利宇传道同夏长华牧师前往堪培拉探讨成立布道所之可能性。
Pastor Timothy Lau and Rev James Ha went to Canberra to explore the possibility of setting up a Preaching Centre there.
14/05 由全澳卫理公会宣教议会推动成立堪培拉布道所。
Mission Conference officially set up a Preaching Centre in Canberra.
15/08 建堂委员会决定购买现址的教堂,坐落于17 Planthurst Rd, Carlton。
The Church Building Committee decided to purchase a property at 17 Planthurst Road, Carlton.
17/08 公布购堂宣言。
Officially announced the purchase of the property.
20/08 购买现址教堂,与业主签订合约。
Purchase contract was signed and exchanged by both parties.
24/09 本堂正式启用现址教堂来崇拜。
Sunday Service was held at our current church location.


02/01 本堂开始周二晚上祷告会,每两周一次。
We began our fortnightly prayer meeting on Tuesdays.
07/01 欢送刘利宇传道伉俪前往墨尔本谢恩堂事奉。
We bid farewell to Pastor Timothy Lau and his wife Theresa who went to serve in Camberwell Methodist Church, Melbourne.
24/01 在宣教议会委派下,林宝强牧师伉俪安抵悉尼,前来本堂牧会。同时兼任堪培拉布道所牧养事工。
Mission Conference appointed Rev Milton Nee to serve in Sydney Church and to assist the ministry of Canberra Preaching Centre.
Feb 教会购置第一台二手福音车,用于关怀和布道事工。
Church purchased a first pre-owned gospel van, to be used for caring and evangelism ministry.
5-6/04 举办第二届家庭营,主题为“教会-我们的家”,讲员为林宝强牧师。
We had our 2nd Family Camp. The theme talk was “Church – Our Home” by Rev Milton Nee.
02/06 卧龙岗布道站成立,并进行首次主日崇拜,由监理夏长华牧师证道。之后由林宝强牧师负责牧养。此期间亦安排周家熹神学生及康祥文本处传道协助主日证道。
Wollongong Preaching Point was established. Rev James Ha preached on the first Sunday worship service. Rev Milton Nee was appointed to assist Wollongong Preaching Centre. During this period, theological student Elijah Chew and local preacher James Kong assisted with pulpit ministry.
07/10 首次举办诗歌戏剧布道会,主题为“美梦成真”。
A Song, Drama & Evangelical event was held for the first time. The theme was “Dreams Come True”.
27/11-04/12 澳洲卫理公会宣教议会第三届牧师退修会、年会、青年代表大会及妇女代表大会皆于本堂举行,青年代表大会主题讲员为戴绍曾牧师。
Mission Conference held the third Pastor Retreat, Annual Conference, Youth Conference and Women Conference in Sydney. The Youth Conference speaker was Rev James Hudson Taylor III.


16/02 马来西亚卫理公会朱新进会督及全澳宣教议会夏长华监理为本堂主持开幕及献堂礼。
Bishop Sing Jing Chu of Malaysian Methodist Churches and Superintendent Rev James Ha presided over the Church Opening and Dedication Ceremony.
25-27/04 举办第三届家庭营,主题为“生命突破,教会跃进”,讲员为陈廷忠牧师。
We had our 3rd Family Camp. The theme talk was “A Breakthrough in Life; Church grows by Leaps & Bounds”. The speaker was Rev Justin Tan.
Mid-Oct 音响室完工并启用。
The sound/audio room renovation was completed.


13/01 林宝强牧师前往台湾中华福音神学院进修三个月,此期间本堂由周家熹传道暂替牧养工作。
Rev Milton Nee went for 3 months’ study in China Evangelical Seminary in Taiwan. In his absence, Pastor Elijah Chew took charge.
17-19/04 举办第四届家庭营,主题为“二十一世纪何去何从?”讲员为黄彼得牧师。
The 4th Family Camp was held. The theme topic was “Where to Go in the 21st Century?” by Rev Peter Wongso.
10/06 购买教会八人座福音车。
The church purchased an eight-seater gospel car.
28/06 成立扩建委员会。
The Church Extension Committee was formed.
21/08 第一次细胞小组聚会,分六组进行。
Chinese Cell bible study groups were established and divided into 6 cell groups.


07/02 第一次英语崇拜。
The first English service was held.
21/03 在特别会友大会中通过将本堂产业转入给全澳卫理公会名下。
A Special AGM was held to approve the transfer of the church property to Australian Methodist Church.
9-11/04 举办第五届家庭营,主题为“时代的导航”,讲员为刘孟萍牧师;林宝强牧师的专题是“生命的危机”。
We had our 5th Family Camp. The theme topic was “Steering of Our Life” by Rev Mee Ping Lau. Rev Milton Nee gave a special talk “Crisis in Life”.


25/04 陈毅敏传道成为英文堂第一位牧者。
Pastor Melody Ting was appointed as first English pastor.
28-30/04 举办第六届家庭营,主题为“教会-时代之光”,讲员为陈周荣会长;林宝强牧师的专题是“跨越沟通的障碍”。
The 6th Family Camp was held. The theme topic was “Church – The Light of This Generation” by Rev Dr Michael Tan, and a special talk “Overcome Communication Barrier” by Rev Milton Nee.
01/07 开始第一次英语家庭聚会。
We had our first English Family Fellowship gathering.
11/07 姐妹小组第一次聚会。
The Sister Group had the first fellowship gathering.
12/08 扩建筹款晚宴。
A dinner banquet was held to raise fund for church extension project.


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